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Himabindu Reddy, Hindustan Times
Gurgaon, January 04, 2013
Even in a year of slowdown, one of India’s showpiece cities, Gurgaon, has managed to add to its glitz with a 38% hike in registration of top-end cars in 2012 — from 1,021 to 1,416. What’s more, there’s a twist in the tale. The number of two-wheeler vehicles registered with the city authorities has dropped during the year by nearly a thousand units, indicating a significant change in the city’s and its residents’ fortunes.

“Gurgaon’s population is soaring and people are earning well. There is a demand for style and top brands too,” said Dr Ankit Gupta, who owns a Mercedes F Class, a BMW 7 series and an Audi Q7. He recently purchased an SUV Hummer and will register it with the Gurgaon authorities soon.

With the city’s high net-worth migrant population increasing rapidly, the Audi population doubled from 278 to 566 during the year.

Not only that, Gurgaon boasts of six Porsche cars, most of which cost Rs. 1crore-plus, in 2012 against only one in the previous year. Likewise, the number of Volvo cars went up from five to 26 and the Rage Rover from 12 to 39. The number of Mercedes and BMW cars, too, looked up.

Gurgaon’s vehicle population was 38,786 in 2012 against 36,144 in 2011, with a daily rise of 106 cars.