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Rachel Lopez, Hindustan Times
January 04, 2013
See? You thought wrong

The young only want to spend time chatting on Facebook and Twitter.
They used FB and Twitter to spread the word about the #DelhiGangRape protests, ensuring huge crowds.
They only want to spend money and do frivolous things.
Photo credit: Raveendran/HT

They got the PM to make a statement after days of protests, didn’t cost a rupee.
They don’t care about the world beyond the campus, the mall and the multiplex.
They’ve shown that they care about public buses, public streets, public forums and justice for a girl they’ve never met.
They just want instant gratification.
In a country where a fast-track court can still take two years to determine the outcome of a case, why shouldn’t they?

From HT Brunch, January 6

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