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Namya Sinha, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, January 05, 2013
From Bollywood songs to poetry dedicated to it, Delhi winter has its share of lovers and haters too. Friday faced the coldest January morning in Delhi in the last five years, as mercury dropped to 2.7 degrees celsius, 4 notches below normal. While some took relief in dhaba chai, others sat huddled around fire. And, Twitter was abuzz with mixed feelings.

Off to delhi..dis time takin mom along.. she loves d winter there..she’s as excited as a child goin on summer vacations.. in dis case winter (sic) Gauhar Khan, actor

Delhi winters are coming in. Best time of the year. Love the city to the core.
Virat Kohli, cricketer

Shake, shiver, chatter on Twitter

This is why I love Delhi and its winters, its chai-shai, taahiri te comforter da mazaaa ... possibly some coffee later
 — Murali Kartik, cricketer
Drive in Delhi winter morning... Blissful
 — Saurav Vaish, @sauravkvaish

The person who first came up with the phrase “Thandi aahein bharna” must have been from Delhi… #winters
 — Mridul, @Psilosophy

The homeless get no respite in Delhi. Death tolls rise with the temperature but also with drastic drops in the same
— Trauni Kumar, @ItsSoTru

How to celebrate winter in Delhi... Cuddle up in a blanket, start heater, sip chai, eat dry fruits all day, skip shower, go brrrrrrrr
 — Anubhav Anand,

I love Delhi winters...but this time around I just have one word #Hate
 — Savethisid, @WildShip

I wish to go some place with warm weather. I hate Delhi winters.
 — One fine day, @mansichirps 

First day out in Delhi and I have a heavy head and a running nose. Delhi winters SUCK! #WhinyMumbaikar
 — One fine day, @mansichirps