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Chetna Dua , Hindustan Times
New Delhi, January 05, 2013
As the society struggles to come to terms with sexist issues and highlights the importance of sexual equality, a new play in the city hopes to further the cause a little bit more. The Revised Kamasutra, being performed today, plays up the importance of sexual liberation for creating an equal and better society.

“Ours is a sexually repressed society. Whenever an incident like rape happens, people talk about self defence. But nobody tries to highlight the mindset of a man,” says Jalabala Vaidya who has adapted the play from Richard Crasta’s novel by the same name. 

The play highlights the journey of a boy through adolescence and beyond. It is a comical story of a small-town boy’s search for love, sex, relationships and spiritualism that takes him from Mangalore to Washington D.C., with many girls, family conflicts and misadventures along the way.

“In our society, people are not very open about relationships. Men are usually isolated from women while growing up, as a result they don’t know how to relate to each other. They are left to their fantasies fuelled by pornography on internet,” adds Anasuya

Vaidya, director of the play. While theatre and newsperson Sunit Tandon is the narrator of the play,  Akshara Theatre actors Aditya Vikram Singh, Dhruv Shetty, Sachin Sikri and Angad Thakur act out the journey of Vijay Prabhu from the age of seven to 30.

Nisa Schette, 21, plays Prabhu’s fantasy woman. “The play deals with sexual issues in a light-hearted manner. A lot of young boys relate to the story,” says Tandon.  Only adults allowed.