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New Delhi, January 06, 2013
The Congress couldn't have defeated Modi with any strategy
With reference to Ajaz Ashraf's article Running out of ideas (January 2), the Congress's strategy of staying silent on communalism during its campaign in the recently concluded Gujarat elections was well thought out. It would be wrong to state that the party is running out of ideas or that its campaign was a result of political indolence. I doubt if bringing up the issue of the condition of Muslims in the state would have helped the party, as Narendra Modi enjoys massive public support. In fact, it won't be wrong to state that Modi would have won the elections even if other BJP leaders hadn't campaigned in the state.
Mohd K Roomi, Delhi

The real solution to women's safety
I agree with Samar Halarnkar (Dark, silent night, Maha Bharat, January 3) that the protests against the Delhi gangrape incident will slowly lose their steam. If people are serious about women's safety, they should start by forming voluntary vigilance groups to assist the police in keeping their respective localities safe at night. Victims of marital rape should also come forward and register their complaints with the police. Delivering justice to the six guilty in the Delhi incident alone won't ensure safety for each and every woman.
GN Prasad, via email

Treat women as equal citizens
With reference to the editorial No two ways about it (January 2), the fact that 92% men in Delhi admit that some or all of their friends have made passes at women in public places at some point of time shows that Indian men need to change their mindset. To end violence against women, we must treat them as equal citizens.
Aditya Jha, Gurgaon

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