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New Delhi, January 07, 2013
It's time the government stopped keeping the homeless in the cold
With reference to the editorial Sleepless in the city (January 4), it is sad that our civic authorities across north India fail to provide the homeless night shelters every winter despite the media highlighting the issue time and again. Worse, the existing night shelters are too few and in a deplorable condition. If the government could book hundreds of motel and hostel beds to house people during the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, why can't it come up with sustainable housing solutions? Adequate housing is a basic human right enshrined in international law and we must stop its violation.
Gautam Chandra, via email

Make it like Megan's law
With reference to the report Name and honour her, tweets Tharoor (January 1), though I am not a legal expert, I would like to bring to your notice that the US has a law informally called Megan's Law named after seven-year-old rape victim Megan Kanka. It requires law enforcement authorities to make information available to the public regarding registered sex offenders. Salient features from the comprehensive law can be adopted and adapted by the Justice Verma Committee which is constituted to give recommendations on amending laws in the wake of the December 16 gang rape case.
S Krishnan, Delhi

The Miandad row was avoidable
This refers to the report Delay in communication helped Miandad get visa (January 6). Former Pakistani cricket team captain Javed Miandad, who shares close family ties with India's most wanted gangster-turned-terrorist Dawood Ibrahim, got a visa because of miscommunication between the home ministry and ministry of external affairs. Better coordination could have saved India and the cricketer some embarrassment.
SA Madhan, Pune

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