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London, January 07, 2013
Parents should carry their toddlers upright instead of carrying them around in prams, as it aids their development, a new book has claimed.

Jared Diamond, the Pulitzer Prize-winning scientist, said kids could benefit from basic parenting methods that have been discarded in the west but are prevalent in traditional societies.

In his new book, ' The World Until Yesterday,' he argued that readopting traditional child-raising ways could help parents raise kids with good qualities like confidence and curiosity.

He said different methods had  been tested by natural experiments: different societies were raising their kids differently for a long time, but the results were there to be seen.

Diamond said carrying the child upright and facing forward could result in a more self-assured child. “Techniques like quickly comforting a crying baby, allowing them to sleep with their parents, having a lot of physical contact with them could help their development.”