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Press Trust Of India
Kuala Lumpur, January 08, 2013
After a South Korean court punished a pedophile with Asia’s first chemical castration, Malaysia’s Bar Council has suggested similar treatment should be considered for repeat sex offenders as an alternative form of sentencing.

Bar Council president Lim Chee Wee, however, said the available medical studies on the treatment suggested there were serious side effects involved in its use.

“Certain jurisdictions around the world, such as the Czech Republic and some American states, have laws on the compulsory treatment of some sex offenders by way of chemical castration,” Wee said.

“While chemical castration as an alternative form of sentencing fulfils the dual purpose of both protecting the public and punishing the guilty, the health interest of the guilty is important.”

“Nonetheless, this alternative form of sentencing deserves study in Malaysia and if applied, should be meted out to repeat offenders who consent to it,” he said in an email to Malaysian newspaper the New Sunday Times.

Chemical castration is the administration of medication to reduce sexual urges.  On January 3, the South Korean court sentenced the 31-year-old pedophile to 15 years in jail and ordered castration.

South Korea was the first country in Asia to adopt this type of treatment in 2011.