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Soubhik Mitra, Hindustan Times
Mumbai, January 08, 2013
Inflation and lack of time seem to have taken a toll on the number of days Indians spend holidaying in the country. According to a report by a travel portal, while holiday budget per person increased from Rs. 4,133 to Rs. 4,485, the duration of vacations dropped marginally from 3.05 nights to 2.7 nights.

The report said travellers’ expenditure during the winter vacation (from November 2012) was 31% higher than the same period in 2011. The report by HolidayIQ.com also said that while duration of trips had shortened, people travelling in big groups found value-for-money vacations.

“Indian travellers seem to be increasingly cash-rich but time-poor. People seek to substitute lack of time for a long holiday with a more active and luxurious (and more expensive) holiday, albeit for a shorter duration,” said Hari Nair, founder and chief exective officer, HolidayIQ.com.


The study based on bookings witnessed by the portal catering to 50 lakh travellers a month also found that trips with children were 63% expensive as compared to sole adult holidays.

The report further said people travelling in groups of more than three saved 21% on trip costs as compared to those vacationing in a smaller group. Travellers from tier 2 cities made higher spends as compared to metro vacationers. While average travel budget per person for non-metro cities was Rs. 5,100, the average budget in metros was Rs. 4,700.

Among the six metros, Delhiites went on longer vacations while Bangalo-reans undertook the shortest trips. Mumbaiites, the report stated, largely travelled in big groups and most travellers from the city travelled with kids.