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Minakshi Saini Kathait, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, January 09, 2013
Looks like actor Imran Khan is following in the footsteps of his uncle, actor Aamir Khan, who is known to speak to the media only when he is promoting a film.

“My instinct has always been to step back and stay away from the limelight. When I promote the film I step forward to talk about my movie and then disappear, as I have nothing to say beyond my work,” says Imran, who was in the Capital to promote Matru ki Bijli ka Mandola.

The actor, who will be celebrating his second marriage anniversary today, over a quiet dinner, says that he does not miss the rumours of link-ups with co-stars, that is so common in Bollywood.

“I don’t have the energy to deal with these things. These are not part of my thought process, and as a result of me not dating heroines, I don’t provide enough gossip to media,” adds the 29-year-old actor.

Imran who plays a Haryanvi man in the film, however denies reports that he was the third choice for director Vishal Bhardwaj, after Ajay Devgn and Shahid Kapoor. “Ajay must have had his reasons for not doing the film, but Shahid wasn’t approached,” he says.


Vishal injured

Meanwhile, filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj, who has directed the film that Imran stars in, got injured at an event held to promote the film in the Capital, on Tuesday. “The incident happened at an ice skating venue while Vishal was invited on stage to speak. While climbing the stairs, he slipped and fell on someone’s ice skating shoes, which were accidentally left behind by the user. He was then taken to a hospital and got five stitches on the nose,” said the film’s publicist. The director is better now.