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Hindustan Times
January 09, 2013
Asaram Bapu must apologise for his misogynic remarks
Self-styled spiritual leader Asaram Bapu's statement that the deceased gang rape victim was partially responsible for the attack and the ghastly incident would not have happened if the girl had called the rapists her brothers and fallen at their feet is ludicrous, to say the least (Asaram adds to shame, says victim at fault too, January 8). It is appalling that such sexist and misogynic remarks were made by a guru who claims to be an enlightened person and has a huge following in India and abroad. Instead of blaming the media and calling them names, he should retract his deeply offensive and irresponsible statements and apologise unconditionally for hurting the sentiments of the rape victim's family and those of who protested in her support and demanded better security for women in the capital.
MC Joshi, via email

The way public figures from all over the country are irresponsibly reacting to the Delhi gang rape case forces me to suggest that the judiciary or the government should issue guidelines or seek restrictions that would prevent derogatory remarks on matters that are sub-judice. If need be, action must be taken against people like Asaram Bapu.
Mohd Mudassir Alam, via email

Gag order not in public interest
A Delhi court order imposing a ban on reporting the Delhi gang rape case proceedings is not in the public interest (Why restriction on media is not justified, January 8). The order will not only limit the freedom of the press, but will deny people an opportunity to understand the functioning of our judicial system in delivering justice especially in a case that has created public outrage and where the police's negligence is in question.
Gulshan Kumar, via email