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Hindustan Times
January 10, 2013
At a time when India is protesting against the Delhi gangrape and women are asking for quick assistance from police and women helplines, filmmaker Pooja Bhatt says that 100 was of no help to her on Tuesday night. “Have been getting threatening/obscene calls from +918******111.

The male voice,obviously inebriated, abused me & threatened to come over. I called 100 to complain. A rude female voice on the other end asked me to go to the nearest police station as she could not do anything,” the actor live tweeted, adding, “When I explained that it is close to 1am & I could not possibly be expected to go to the police station alone she got extremely brusque. I reminded the voice that responded to 100 that she represented a help-line & should use the right tone. That agitated her further! If this can happen to me, what will happen to the meek?”

Her father, filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, replied, “We’ll talk to the Police Commissioner in the morning. Zero tolerance to any form intimidation!” On Wednesday, she said action had been taken. “FIR filed. Bandra police station has been extremely efficient & courteous in every manner.”