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Shruti Dargan, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, January 10, 2013
Her co-contestants thought she could win, and so did she. Actor Delnaz Paul (right), the latest to be evicted from Bigg Boss 6, says, “I’m shocked as I really thought I would win.”

Like others, she too, had refused to accept Rs. 20 lakh to quit the show before the finale. Any regrets?
Delnaz“In a previous season, my brother Bakhtiyaar (Irani) had taken the offer... I did not want to do it for self-respect... I’ll work hard to pay the loan,” says Delnaz, who on the show, expressed her worry of paying a house loan, blaming ex-hubby and co-inmate Rajev Paul for it. “I spoke about it in a weak moment, to my friends Sana and Aashka. Another outburst was after seeing a clip of Rajev’s brother point a finger at me. That’s it!”

Ask Delnaz about Rajev’s closeness to Sana, and she says, “They are just friends.” As for herself, she wants to “only stay cordial” with Rajev from now on. Then why did she care for him on the show? “As a well-wisher I used to tell him to calm down or when he was being used by others.”

Often called “diplomatic”, Delnaz feels it’s wrong to call her that. “It’s just that I’m not dominating and I don’t keep shouting.” And, who does she think will win? Niketan (he is a smooth player) and Urvashi. But the surprise factor could be Imam. He does everything for masala. He’s surely a little sick in his head,” she says.