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Harshraj Singh, Hindustan Times
Ludhiana, January 11, 2013
The preliminary inquiry into the death of 7-year-old Rahul, while undergoing treatment at the Employees' State Insurance Corporation of India (ESIC) Model Hospital on November 20, 2012, revealed on Friday that a few from among the hospital staff had ampered with the medical reports of the deceased after his death.

However, the inquiry committee gave a clean chit to the hospital and noted that appropriate and adequate treatment was given to the boy. The parents of the deceased lad have rubbished the findings.
Rahul had died while undergoing treatment at the ESIC Model Hospital here. Following his death, Rahul's parents had alleged that the hospital had not provided proper and timely treatment to their son.
Medical Superintendent Dr PL Chaudhary said, "As per the report, the patient was given appropriate treatment as per the protocol. The exact cause of death will be known after the post-mortem report comes in. The committee has further concluded that no negligence relating to the patient's care and administration of medical aid have been found." The viscera report of Rahul is yet to come.
Dr Chaudhary said that committee had found that a few staff members had tampered with the records, which had been taken serious note of. Chaudhary informed that a report regarding the erring staff members was being referred to the ESIC headquarters for further action.
However, Dr Chaudhary could not explain the reason behind the tampering of Rahul's medical report.

If Rahul's death was natural, why did the staff tamper the report?
The mother of the deceased, Prabha Devi, wanted to know as to why her son's medical report was tampered with, given that rthe inquiry had found nothing out of place in the medical treatment? "If the report says that my child's death was natural, then why somebody felt the need to tamper with the record? I have no trust in the preliminary inquiry report submitted by the committee," said a bereaved Prabha, who is a labourer at the Eastman company.

Questionable intentions
President of the council of RTI activists Rohit Sabharwal had accused the hospital of tampering with the medical report of Rahul and had demanded a high-level inquiry into the matter on November 21, 2012. On the complaint of Sabharwal, the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights, the Punjab Medical Council and the Punjab State Human Rights Commission are also looking into the case.

Inquiry committee observer raised question
Administrator of Eastman Company Brijesh Kumar, who was an observer during the inquiry, claimed that he did not know that the inquiry had been completed and was also in dark regarding its findings.

Joint director of the hospital Dr PK Narula claimed, "Brijesh attended all the meetings of the inquiry committee. I think he is aware of everything. A copy will be provided if he demands."