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Sahil Magoo, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, January 12, 2013
After the glamorous IPL, which brought fame for many upcoming cricketers, the game of hockey is coming up with its own league, hoping for a similar kind of response from the fans. The inaugural season of the Hockey India League (HIL), starting from January 14, will feature five city-based franchises, which will compete against each other. Just like the IPL, matches will be played on home and away basis with players from India as well as abroad. The participating teams are Delhi Wave Riders, Mumbai Magicians, Punjab Warriors, Ranchi Rhinos and Uttar Pradesh Wizards. Sardar Singh, Jamie Dwyer, Teun de Nooijer, are some of the marquee players of the league.

This hockey league can bring both the games of cricket and hockey at par and the youth would definitely like to go for such events...
Garima Bhasin, 20,  student, Janki Devi  Memorial College

It is a very good step, as this would promote hockey, young talent will emerge on the screens and it will give them good exposure
Daljeet Singh, 32, businessman

My father used to play hockey, so I am aware about the league that’s coming up. Cricket got famous with IPL, as it drew a lot of attention. Similarly, people might start following hockey because of this league 
Hera Rasool, 19, Indraprastha University

I was not aware that such a league was taking place. It’s always good to promote our national game, it is our duty that we promote every game equally. 
Rohan Gautam 23,  student

I am hearing about this league for the first time, but would love to go and watch these games. Hockey is not promoted at the same level as cricket
Gitika Bhasin, 20,student, Janki DeviMemorial College