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Mallica Joshi, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, January 16, 2013
A month after a 23-year-old girl was brutally gangraped and assaulted in a moving bus, the bus stop in Munirka from where she had boarded the vehicle on the night of December 16 now has a 'permanent' PCR van.   Shopkeepers in the area said since a week after the incident, the area has seen an almost constant police presence. "Things have improved in terms of police presence a lot. A policeman is present at the bus stop all day, especially in the evenings. At night, PCR vans make regular rounds. We hear sirens till very late in the night. Sometimes, senior officials also come to assess the situation," said Satbir Singh, who owns a small clothes shop in the market behind the bus stop.

The number of chartered buses in the area has also come down drastically, another local resident said.

"While chartered buses were very regular on this route in the mornings and evenings, they have all but disappeared now. We hardly see even one these days," said Kavita Mathur, a resident of Munirka DDA flats.

The bus stop itself has become a sort of memorial.

While it was earlier plastered with posters supporting the victim and demanding justice, it is now covered with post-it notes with messages in the same vein.

A radio channel has bought the advertising space which has a plain black background. A representative is distributing post-it notes to the people waiting for buses at the stop to write messages on and stick on to the advertisement boards.

Messages such as 'Hang the accused', 'We want justice', 'We will not forget' are numerous.