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HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times
Mumbai, January 18, 2013
To reduce the snaking queues at railway ticket counters, the railways are introducing half-yearly and yearly season passes from April 1 for suburban commuters.

Currently, you can only buy monthly or quarterly season tickets. These passes will work out slightly cheaper than the monthly season passes. Following the railway fare hike, which will come into effect from January 22, a CST-Thane second class monthly season ticket will cost Rs. 190 instead of Rs. 160.

The half-yearly and yearly season pass will cost Rs. 1,026 and Rs. 2,052 respectively, excluding surcharge.

“Now, commuters need not repeatedly go to ticket windows to buy tickets. Also because of the cheaper rate, commuters will get free journeys for 18 days in the half-yearly pass and 36 days in the yearly pass,” said a senior railway official.

Railway minister PK Bansal had announced a hike of two paisa per kilometer in second class fares and 3 paise per kilometre for first class fares last week.

Due to new railway fare hike, second and first class suburban fares between two destinations will go up by a maximum of Rs. 6 and Rs. 5 respectively.