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Shara Ashraf , Hindustan Times
New Delhi, January 18, 2013
Decorative mirrors come in myriad shapes, sizes and designs and can instantly pep up your room. They also create an illusion of space, illuminate dark areas and add drama and class to your décor. While they serve a practical requirement in your bath and dressing room, you can also turn a mirror into a piece of art with some imagination. Here are some chic ideas to add pizzazz to your room without much effort: 

Decide where you’ll place the mirror: The best places to use a mirror in your house are the dining room wall, a dark corner that you want to light up, and the main entrance. Pick up mirrors that compliment your decor theme and colour.

Create an interesting headboard: Put together mirror panels stylishly to serve as the headboard of your bed.

Create a lively dining area: Hang a grand mirror on your dining room wall, which will add depth and light to it. You can also use multiple convex mirrors to pep up the area.

Bring in a nice view: Mirrors can beautifully reflect natural light and bring lovely outdoor views inside. If you have a nice outside view, place to mirror in a way that it captures the view.

Visually expand your space: You can add drama into your living room with a wall-size mirror. Pick up one with a pretty border and it can serve as an interesting art piece. You can also paint one of your living room walls in a different colour and place the mirror on it. A deep mauve wall can look striking with a silver frame mirror.

Create beautiful reflections: Visualise and create a stunning reflection. Place candles, statues and flowers or hang an interesting piece of art on the opposite wall in a way that you get its reflection in the mirror. “If you have wall-hangings that deserve special attention, use a simple mirror to draw all eyes towards that object so that the mirror plays a terrific supporting role in the design of the room,” suggests Sugato Bose from marina home — a home design company.

Create your own art piece: Hang multiple mirrors on the same wall and create a statement wall art. Go by odd number so that it looks more appealing visually.