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Saubhadra Chatterji , Hindustan Times
New Delhi, January 22, 2013
A few months ago, when Congress leader Rahul Gandhi first met renowned Harvard professor Michael Sandel, he was so impressed that he called his favourite technocrat Sam Pitroda to suggest the American’s greater involvement in India.
On Wednesday, Sandel and Pitroda will launch a lecture series involving several topics the country facing. While the ruling establishment’s key agenda is connecting better with the youth, about 3,000 students from 500 institutions across India will join it through webcast. Sources told HT that Gandhi has also been invited.

The first topic of the series also assumes significance in the backdrop of the recent events: “Democratising information, justice, equality and the rule of law.” While Pitroda will focus on the reach of information, Sandel will talk about other issues.

Sandel, one of the top Harvard professors, had been piloting the “justice” course for students for over 20 years. The huge participation in his lecture series has made it into one of the most popular courses at Harvard.

The series will also include a live Q&A on Twitter.