Tooning in to Modi's journey so far in sketches

A glittering event on May 26, attended by leaders from neighbouring countries and top politicians, promised to "script a glorious future for India." It was the day on which the country crowned Narendra Damodardas Modi its Prime Minister, bringing back the era of NDA.

With the vow to bring "achche din" for the country, the Modi-led NDA exuded the image of a government with a mandate.

 Our cartoonists Shreyas Navare and Jayanto Banerjee sketch Modi's journey so far.

The Bharatiya Janata Party won 282 seats in the nine-phased Lok Sabha polls held in 2014. It was the first time since 1984 that a single party swept the elections with such an overwhelming majority. Cartoon by Jayanto Banerjee
From the time that it became apparent that the party was going to anoint his protégé Narendra Modi as its main vote-catcher, veteran BJP leader, LK Advani, tried every trick in the book to cut the ground out from under Modi’s feet. Modi won with a thumping majority nonetheless. Cartoon by Jayanto Banerjee

Here are few more cartoons to mark 100 days of Modi sarkar:




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