Modi says Cong thrives on ‘poison of power’

Countering Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s statement on Saturday that the BJP is a party of poisonous people, BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Sunday retorted that Congress has thrived on “poison of power” for 50 years.

Addressing an election rally in Anta constituency of Baran district, Narendra Modi said, “The Congress described power as poison at its Jaipur Convention… since Congress has tasted power for most period after Independence so its stomach is filled with poison…”

Sonia Gandhi at an election rally in Kota on Saturday had described BJP’s free drug scheme as poisonous.

Trying to strike a chord with people on local issues, Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi said Congress had failed to give compensation for Soyabean crop and had failed to ensure power supply in Anta despite presence of a thermal power station.

Narendra Modi also accused the Congress of being insensitive towards tribals.

“A senior, intelligent Congress leader said inflation is rising because the poor, Dalits and tribals are eating two vegetables. Do you agree?” Modi asked the cheering crowd.

He said Rahul speaks about poverty only when media is around.

“In Delhi people told me that Rahul’s bungalow is in the constituency of the Delhi chief minister and adjacent to the bungalow, there is a slum area of 800 people and there are only two public toilets… a resident would have to wait for months for his turn to come. But Congress only sees poverty where the media is present,” Narendra Modi said.

Narendra Modi had addressed four rallies – Chittor, Banswara, Anta and Kota – in Rajasthan.


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