'Deft handling can ensure replantation of amputated limb'

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  • Updated: Sep 30, 2012 19:52 IST

On the final day of the 36th annual conference of ISSHCON-2012 on hand surgery and related areas, specialists laid stress on replantation of the amputated parts of the hand and fingers of the foot.

In a series of keynote addresses and other lectures on 'hand management' due to accidents or congenital deformities, stress was laid on immediate 'preservation' of the amputated hand parts and foot fingers following accidents. Specialists also stressed on immediate steps to be taken following amputation and reaching a reputed hand surgery centre in time.

Dr Abraham Thomas spoke on major replantation of the parts of the hand. He said factors such as carrying the amputated (hand, finger, etc.,) over an icepack in a polythene bag, time elapsed, weather conditions and state of the limb, besides available expertise were crucial factors in limb replantation. "Deft handling can ensure replantation of amputated limb -- hand, finger foot," he said in his address.

The delegates visited the plastic surgery and hand surgery centre of Amandeep Hospital. The centre had performed 5,150 hand surgeries in the past 10 years and held records of case histories of nearly 79% patients who suffered due to road, agricultural or industrial accidents incurring serious hand injuries and even amputations while other cases were of congenital nature. The centre receives trainees from all over the country.

This was followed by an address by ISSHCON president Dr Raja Sabapathy from Coimbatore, who detailed the delegates on key factors involved in the setting up of a specialist hand and plastic surgery unit in a hospital. He stated that very few doctors took up hand surgery as a specialisation due to the demanding nature of this field, long hours (12 to 14 hour surgeries) and micro-sharp technological expertise.

Dr Ravi Mahajan of Amandeep Hospital presented a detailed note on 'free tissue transfer in upper limb', which entails tissue from thigh, trunk or back that are grafted using microsurgery. The procedure has a success rate of 95%.

Dr Karoon Aggarwal, plastic surgeon at Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi, deliberated on burnt hand deformation bringing it to workable condition and Dr SP Bajaj (Delhi) spoke on electrical burns.

Other topics of interest were about rehabilitation after hand injuries, tendon grafting, follow up treatment of nerve injuries, high voltage electrical burns at the wrist, physiotherapy, management of stiff hand and rheumatoid arthritis nerve repair and hook-nail deformity.

Dr Smrath Mittal, AIIMS, Delhi, was presented an award for 'best paper' presentation while Dr Parshant Sesata, Pune, won the award for 'best poster' at the conference.


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