Dengue cases rising, who cares

  • Avninder Kaur, Hindustan Times, Amritsar
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  • Updated: Oct 13, 2013 21:49 IST

The city has been exposed to dengue fever again. On its primary stage the fever has reminded of the ugly picture it had taken last year. The virus that took several lives last year has just been reported back last week. The fresh water mosquito has already caused many to be hospitalized.

Dr PS Grover reported to HT ,"Our clinic has diagnosed three patients in this week. The severity of virus is not as dangerous as last year but the fever has already caused a 35 year male go into shock. Seeing his critical condition I have referred him to Fortis."

To fight the virus, he said," awareness in public can be helpful, though filthiness is also causing health issues, but this particular problem can be tackled by use of pesticides". Where this fever has become annual happening, the authorities need to have a beforehand plan to tackle it out.

MC commissioner told HT that three teams are working in city for cleanliness and fogging machines have been employed to eliminate the population of mosquitoes. He has appealed to people through HT to keep their houses clean and use kerosene in water bodies to avoid mosquito breeding.

HT contacted clinics and hospitals from different parts of the city and found that dengue made its venomous impact on whole of the city. Madaan hospital, a multi-specialty hospital has reported 2 patients of dengue in this week only. Dr Rakesh Madaan maintained that not only dengue but falciparum malaria is also very critical.

Dr Rakesh informed "the cases of malaria are not less. It is just that they are not severe to cause hospitalization. They get oral treatment. So remain unnoticed. Consideration on the part of MC to cleanliness and awareness is very important for both viruses".

Speak out

'My daughter was caught by dengue last year but worst part was finding the blood as banks lacked rear blood groups' - Sukhwinder singh, a local.

'Attention by authorities in advance before the dengue spreads it feet can be very helpful'- Dr PS Grover.

"Not only dengue but malaria is serious health issue that need attention of authorities concerned"- Dr Rakesh Madaan.

Official speak

"We have employed three teams to tackle it. 70% wards have been visited by fogging machines as well we are to distribute pamphlets to create awareness" - DPS Kharbanda.


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