Laughing Buddha will be my symbol: Binnu Dhillon

As kids, we often wrote imaginative pieces on what would we do if we became the prime minister. Those pieces encouraged debates and offered an opportunity to explore innovative ideas. Taking a cue from that practice and in the wake of the upcoming Lok Sabha election, HT asks prominent celebrities to list out their plans and priorities while imagining themselves to be in the shoes of an MP.

Who is your favourite politician, and why?
Arvind Kejriwal inspires me the most. His modesty, vision and the revolution he has brought by awakening the nation is quite appreciable.

Which politician do you think is most well-dressed?
Har waqt tyaar rehte hain (he’s ever ready): Navjot Singh Sidhu. No one can match his dressing sense; superb and amazing he looks in the vibrant-colour turbans he carries with matching accessories.

What would be your work timings as an MP?
When people elect an MP, they have high hopes, so serving them 24 hours will be my duty. Practically, 14 hours I’ll be available physically and for the rest, just one call away.

What would be your USP as an MP?
Power will never take away my humbleness. Like today, even as an MP I’ll do my own shopping. To help the common man will be my priority and duty. Politics will not be my business to make personal wealth.

Would you want personal security?
I have never believed in keeping bouncers. Even as an actor, I walk alone without star tantrums. My work and good deeds for the country will be my shield.

Which Bollywood actor would you rope in to campaign for you?
The actor who played a game-changing chief minister in Bollywood political thriller “Nayak”: Anil Kapoor. The second choice will be Paresh Rawal: I am a big fan.

What will you wear if you became an MP?
Colorful kurta-pyjama will be my dress. Black I think will help me stand out as politician.

Which car would you like to travel in as MP?
I would drive a car that I have earned and not public money has bought. I’ll drive my Chevrolet Cruze.

What will be your pitch to connect with the youth?
I’ll increase employment for them by developing the industrial sector of Punjab; help the state retain its talent. The day Punjabi youth is employed, we’ll connect automatically.

How would you inspire the youth to go out and vote?
I’d advise the youth to not get influenced or forced by their elders. They should have own political views and choices and the courage to pick the right leader. Vote is a medium of change and a right one should not waste.

What will be your election slogan and symbol?
The slogan will be “fight back corruption and injustice, stand up for your right”, and the symbol will be Laughing Buddha, which will make the nation smile.

Four issues you would like to raise in Parliament.
I’d control population to prevent further poverty and unemployment so that the youth don’t have to suffer. I’d make sure that intellectuals run the education sector so that the young generation gets quality education. I’ll also appoint a good education minister. Also, I’ll promote sport, in Punjab especially, in a way that our athletes do well in the Olympics. I’ll give them free education and employment to keep them away from drugs. Finally, I’ll remove the entertainment tax on film industry to help it grow; and make a strong anti-piracy law.


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