Rain showers miseries on Batala residents

A few hours of rain on Wednesday morning and all tall claims of local municipal authorities on the drainage in the town were washed down the drain. As most sewers were choked, rainwater got accumulated on roads and streets, leading to unnecessary inconvenience to commuters and area residents.

The town's interior parts like Chakri Bazaar, Hathi Gate, Cinema Road, Khajuri Gate, Thathari Gate, Dharampura Colony, Urban Estate, Shastri Nagar, Leek Wala Talab and Orhi Gate were the worst-hit, many new localities and main crossroads were also flooded. The situation could be judged from the fact that the office of the MC itself is flooded by rainwater.

Inder Sanan, a resident of Khajuri Gate, said, "It is hell living in the locality during rainy season. Though the MC officials claim to have made adequate arrangements for the disposal of rainwater, showers only bring more misery for us each year."

"The civic authorities only make promises, but do nothing at the ground level. It is the same story every time it rains," remarked Kirat Pal Singh, a resident of Guru Nanak Nagar. The choked sewerage added to the woes, he said.

"Whenever it rains, the MC officials are caught napping and no arrangements are made to drain out water for days. Some areas get inundated and it becomes difficult to live there or pass through," said Nitin Luthra of Dharampura Colony.

With the moist garbage dumps turning into breeding grounds for mosquitoes and flies, cases of gastroenteritis, dengue and other waterborne diseases were widely reported during and after monsoons every year, he added.

The condition outside the old civil hospital as well as newly constructed one is no better than the rest of the town. With roads adjoining these hospital inundated with rainwater, area residents demanded adequate arrangements for disposal of rainwater.

The only water channel, Hansli nullah, which was the only way to dispose of the rainwater, was chocked with filth and garbage dumped by the municipal council and area residents.


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