When cards make weddings special with the start of wedding season

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  • Updated: Nov 28, 2013 22:58 IST

Every year with the start of wedding seasons there rolls out different kind of wedding cards that offer great variety with many surprises that lures one and all. This season, which has already started from October, printers have left no stone unturned in unfolding the best varieties of cards.

A HT team brings to you this scintillating world of cards from Manchanda Art Press - one of the most famous and oldest card shops in the city that opened its doors in 1960s at Hall Bazaar. Manchanda Art Press began with a very humble concept of producing single-sheet cards. While, at present, the shop is offering more than 500 designs that can be tailored as per customer's need. And, most importantly, the price varies from `15 to `600 in general. However, special orders are also taken, which cost high. In other words, the shop offers variety and price that suits all size of budget.

What make cards innovative today is different kinds of printing styles. Cards are made not only with paper, but with different fabrics, feathers of birds and so on. “Being innovative is essential for us, as customers today are really smart. They want to choose the best, something different and at times they choose very different card, which has never been seen before,” shares Sumeet Manchanda, the owner.

“There is a high demand of card-cum-box these days while some NRI customers also order matching paper or cloth bags,” he adds.

On an average, 20 to 25 customers visit the shop in a day, including NRIs from whom at least 8 to 12 orders get finalised every day. The customers first go by designs the shop offers, then special prices and packages; their special needs are asked and, finally, if the customer is impressed, the deal gets underway. In general, the shop asks for at least 15 to 20 days to deliver the cards ordered during high wedding season.

“We are elated, but bemused too by seeing such a wide variety of cards for the wedding in our family. Although some cards seem to be expensive, but these ought to be considering hard work and style put in there,” says Manjeet Randhawa, an NRI from Toronto while choosing cards at the shop.

“We feel proud when NRI customers take our cards abroad for various functions. In addition, we get many customers, who got invitation cards made by us from their relatives for a function. They come to us with the card, asking us to make similar cards for their function. It touches us, as our innovation is being liked and appreciated,” says Manchanda.


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