New app spots 'glitches' in news stories

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  • Updated: Jun 16, 2014 17:12 IST
A new fact-checking app cancatch 'glitches' in online news and highlight the most reliable stories for you to read.
Trooclick is a browser plugin, developed by a team in Paris, that alerts you if an article you are reading contains 'glitches'.
A glitch could be an incorrect fact, information that conflicts with other media reports about the same topic, or something about the publisher's ethics, or the ethics of the article itself, that a reader should be aware of, according to ''.
Trooclick's technology combines text-analysis, artificial intelligence and semantic web. It verifies news from hundreds of websites in real time.
"News reports are full of unverified and conflicting information. The result is that people no longer know if they can trust what they read," its makers said on Trooclick's website.
"Trooclick's mission is to reveal the glitches in online news and highlight the most reliable stories. We're tackling news first but we'll eventually move on to social media, audio and video content," they said.

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