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  • Updated: Jun 27, 2012 18:31 IST

Social networking giant Facebook has introduced a new native Messenger app that lets users chat with friends 'without opening the website'.

According to Facebook, the app is only available to Windows users, but the company added that Mac users would get it soon.

It was officially launched in March after leaking in December, and it is slowly rolling out to users, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The app uses the same branding as Facebook's mobile Messenger app, which received an update on both Android and iOS on Monday.

The app opens up two windows. One is a tall vertical window, which shows you who is online as well as Facebook's live feed, so you can see what your friends are commenting, posting and liking.

That window also shows you any friend requests, messages or notifications you may have.

The second window is for chatting, which shows you tabs for current conversations you may have going on.


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