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  • Updated: Mar 11, 2014 16:55 IST

Now, turn your smartphone photos into the beautiful work of arts with this iPhone app.

Developed by the Brooklyn-based firm Tinybop, the app named Waterlogue simulates the actual painting process.

With Waterlogue, the developers tried to write algorithms that approached images as a human would.

How does it work?

Waterlogue starts by distilling pictures into lines.

It then boils those down to the ones that a person might actually draw - simplifying the image from a thousand tiny lines.

It creates each painting layer by layer, as a real artist would.

The app now simulates the spreading and bleeding of the pigment onto the canvas - with dedicated properties for the virtual paper, the pigment, the brushes, the water and so on.

“Through the process of tweaking the software, I would eliminate or reduce any marks that did not look like they were made by a sane individual,” John Balestrieri, one of its developers, was quoted as saying on

According to Balestrieri, his painting algorithms are the most advanced he has found in any commercial product.


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