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  • Updated: Jul 17, 2012 16:50 IST

Microsoft Office 2013 Word Start Screen PHOTO: AFP

It’s only been a matter of hours since Microsoft unveiled further details about Office 2013 and told users they could download the consumer preview for free, but social network users are already weighing in on the new desktop publishing software.

“Office 2013” has risen into the top trending topics on Twitter as users discuss its new features.

User sentiment is generally positive on Twitter as Tweeps alert their followers to new features and post “enjoying this Office 2013 beta, finally something #microsoft can get right.”

“Microsoft Office 2013 looks cool in preview,” tweet microbloggers. “So far, office 2013's new MS word is a JOY to use. I'm doing my lesson plans for work on it” and “One of the biggest Office changes to date. I like!”

“Microsoft” is trending in Google+’s top topics too as chatter about Microsoft Office 2013 peaks. Many G+ers, however, are not so optimistic about the forthcoming edition of Office.

“Meh. The only time I use Office is for things Google Docs can't handle,” say Google+ users, “Not worth the price when Google Docs is out there. Should've built it into Windows 8 for free.”

Most of the criticism is coming from Google Doc or LibreOffice users who say they have no need to download the new preview version of Office when they can use free software instead. They say, “The most important feature of an office suite is the price. With Google Docs and libreoffice -- it's really hard to beat free.”

Technology blogs posting on Google+ are singing a different tune. Wired posted that “Microsoft has finally made Office borderline cool,” and CNET said, “The new Microsoft Office changes are big and it's the best Office yet”.

The consumer preview edition of Microsoft Office 2013 is available as a free download now from


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