Top iPhone apps: Finger Olympics, Heist

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  • Updated: Aug 07, 2012 13:32 IST

Get in the sporting spirit with the fun athletics app Finger Olympics, top of the charts in the USA, or take part in a secret mission with the puzzle solving application Heist, which topped the charts in France and Canada. Details of these and other iPad apps by country* for the week recorded on August 6 can be found below.

Finger Olympics (games)
Get in the Olympic spirit with this fun app. Guide track athlete Digit to glory, making him sprint by tapping your fingers as fast as possible across the screen. 


BBC Olympics
Never miss a moment from the London Olympics with this sporting app that offers 24 live streaming channels, text commentaries and video highlights of each day's action.


The Heist (games)
This free for a limited time only application challenges players to embark on a secret mission, cracking codes and solving puzzles to succeed in their objectives.


The Heist (games)
See ‘The Heist'

Burning Water Bathtub (games)
Players of this unusual game have to balance a series of stick figures on top on each other, being careful not to push the bottom figure, who is stretched over a bathtub, into the scalding water below.


06. Australia
Agent Dash (games)
Take on the role of a secret agent and sprint through hazardous environments, avoiding falling beams and lava flow, destroying enemy bases as you pass with this fun app.


Brick Breaker Ultimate HD (games)
Break as many bricks as possible by bouncing a ball at them with this fun version of a classic game.


Metal Slug 2 Deluxe (games)
Play as a hero trying to save the human race from extinction at the hands of monsters in this fast paced and fun shooting app.


Geography Quiz Game (games)
Test your geographic knowledge and learn new facts by answering questions about countries around the world with this fun and educational app.


pooq for iPhone (entertainment)
Stream terrestrial Korean TV channels including KBS, SBS, and MBC with this VOD application.



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