Tried & tested: WishTel IRA's just good enough

  • Amrutha Penumudi
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  • Updated: Jan 23, 2013 16:41 IST

Product: WishTel IRA
Icon HD
Operating software: Android ICS
USP: Pocket-friendly Android tab that looks more expensive than it actually is.
Official price: Rs. 13,500 (
Best price: Rs. 12,999
(offer on

Visually speaking, the IRA icon is a good-looking tablet and feels nice to hold. It’s light enough to carry around too. The tablet comes with a sturdy, silver-grey back panel and a well-finished front screen that has four separate hot

keys: Home, Return, Menu and Search.

PROS: The Icon comes with interesting pre-loaded apps such as Wish Studio, Wish News and Wish Learning, along with a couple of games and instant chat messengers. It is also supported by the Google Play store that allows you to download free and paid apps. The tablet is equipped with all possible connectivity options — the Bluetooth and the Wi-Fi ran as smooth as butter on our piece — and it also comes with an in-built BSNL 3G connection. The multi-touch screen is sensitive, and the 1024x768 display is
above average.

CONS: The OS (Android ICS) seemed to work fine on the first go, but once we started using heavier applications and games, it ran considerably slower. The audio output from the tablet’s in-built speakers is a bit shrill.

You might want to connect it to a set of good speakers if you want to watch a movie on this one. We also wished that it had a better camera (2 MP), since all other tablets in the market definitely score higher in that department.


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