Microsoft releases 'Project Spartan' preview in fresh Windows 10 build

  • ANI, Washington
  • Updated: Mar 31, 2015 13:30 IST

Microsoft's new Windows 10 build will offer a glimpse of the tech giant's much-awaited "Project Spartan" browser, a report said.

The new build's number is 10047 10049, up a total of 6 from the preceding release, reported TechCrunch.

Project Spartan is the codename for Microsoft's new browser and it will replace its predecessor in steps. It comes with Cortana, the company's digital assistant that lives in both current builds of Windows Phone and Windows 10.

By bringing Cortana into the browser, Microsoft appears to be moving towards establishing Cortana on every screen where the company vends a platform.

Microsoft highlighted pen capabilities, simple reading views, and a rendering engine built for the web as the new browser's merits.

The preview marks the first public release of Project Spartan. However, the company clarified that the new browser was an incomplete product.

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