Now, an app to rescue you in an emergency

  • IANS, London
  • Updated: May 10, 2014 10:33 IST

If you decide to go trekking alone and want your friends to keep an eye on you just in case you face any danger, your phone can now help you to do so.

The “Eye-on-me” app can turn your phone into a panic button and send alert messages to your chosen friends and family members.

All you need to do is set an alarm and there comes a large trigger button on the homescreen of your phone.

Once pressed, the button would send email alerts to those who are following you.

Press the button for a second time and it would post the alert to Facebook and Twitter, while a third and fourth tapping would open the camera and take photos.

Each alert would also provide information about your exact location that can be tracked on a map, media reports said.

The alarm can be switched off with the help of a deactivation code and doing so would send another message to friends informing them that you are all right.

The app allows you to choose who can “follow” you and receive alerts.

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