Now, app that ranks your relationship with people you interact

  • ANI, Washington
  • Updated: Jan 30, 2015 11:28 IST

Researchers have launched a new app that monitors the reaction and behaviour of the users while interacting with others.

Lauren McCarthy and Kyle McDonald are the creative minds behind this innovative app called 'Pplkpr' (People Keeper) that observes the negative or positive impact of the people by recording the feelings of the user while interacting, reported.

McDonald, a co-developer said that this app helps in making healthy decisions that usually people are unable at, but it will not enforce the user for a aim like other lifestyle applications, instead they observed in their research that there was a positive behavioural changes that happened and users were up to make good relations with everyone they met.

This application works with any Bluetooth 4.0-enabled tracker that incorporates GPS and heart-rate monitoring, such as the "Polar H7 chest band" and the "Zephyr HxM."

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