Now, dating app that helps you block 'nosy' co-workers

  • ANI, New York
  • Updated: Nov 17, 2014 12:01 IST

A new dating app has hit the market that allows one to block their co-workers and especially if the boss appears on the screen.

The new dating app called The League claims to offer a more sophisticated way to meet their mates, the New York Post reported.

One need to log in with LinkedIn information and the app hides the profile from friends, business contacts and co-workers.

The app which is developed by former Google employee Amanda Bradford said that he found himself single and he figured it out that it must be this really cool thing if everyone was on it but he got a little uncomfortable that everybody and their mother could see you on the app.

Bradford added that there was an issue with low-quality members on dating apps in general and they wanted to create a community that people were excited to be a part of and a brand that people know they could trust to help them meet high quality people.

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