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Now you can browse ad-free on the go

apps Updated: Sep 09, 2015 13:11 IST
AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus for iOS and Android. Photo: AFP

AdBlock Plus is now available on iOS and Android and is ready to tackle annoying ads in mobile as well as desktop browsers.

Users can choose to block everything that isn't content or to pick and choose which web addresses are immune from the app's powers. It can even eliminate social media buttons.

All of which means that as well as less cluttered, the smartphone and tablet browsing experience is also faster than normal thanks to ads not needing to render in the window.

In a blogpost announcing the app's launch, Felix Dahlke said that while he was proud of his team's achievements in getting version 1.0 of the app ready for consumers, that this was simply the beginning. "There's a long list of things the community wants to see happen, and the list is most definitely not going to get any shorter."

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