Pinterest partners with Apple for easier app discovery

  • AFP
  • Updated: Feb 13, 2015 12:26 IST

iPhone and iPad users can now find and download apps straight from Pinterest.

As the number of apps for mobile devices continues to grow -- both Apple and Google offer 1 million-plus in their respective app stores, discovery is getting harder and harder.

With so many titles to choose from, it's often simpler to not choose any and stick with the ones already installed on your device, unless of course there's a trusted source recommending one app over another.

To help simplify the situation, and to be that trusted source, iOS users on Pinterest can now click on Pinned apps and install them on their devices without leaving the social network even though technically a connection is being made with Apple's App Store, so there's no need to worry about security risks.

As well as helping users find apps that chime with their hobbies and interests, Pinterest power users will be able to pin Apps, as well as articles, images and videos to subject boards.

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