Those hundreds of Instagram followers you got? That was a bug

  • IANS, New York
  • Updated: Jul 13, 2015 12:18 IST

Did your last snap on Instagram earn you hundreds of new followers? You can thank a bug for that. And since the bug has been fixed, you are probably left with the same old figure of followers. Bummer.

Instagram said that a bug had caused some users' follower counts to increase, but this was a bug that's being fixed. That increase in people's follower count will disappear once the bug is completely fixed, TechCrunch reported.

A search on Twitter showed many users with smaller followings also saw an instant increase over the last day or so. Some were confused about whether those were real people who followed them or if Instagram was hacked.

"Some people's follower counts (as shown on their profiles) have spiked (incorrectly) due to a bug. We're fixing the bug and counts will be made accurate once we've got it fixed," a company spokesperson was quoted as saying.

So come back to earth -- you didn't become a superstar overnight.

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