Windows 10 to offer more storage space to users

  • ANI, Washington
  • Updated: Mar 17, 2015 13:14 IST

Apart from bringing back the "Start" menu and introducing friendlier desktop options, Windows 10 will also offer more storage space, a report said.

Microsoft revealed in a blog post describing Windows 10's storage requirements that the current preview builds of the new operating system will have some "impressive" space-saving techniques, reported The Verge.

Using file compression, the tech company has managed to squeeze around 1.5GB of storage for 32-bit systems and 2.6GB on 64-bit machines. The same savings and compression will also apply to phones running Windows 10 in future.

Also, Windows 10's refresh and reset options will not use a separate recovery image that's usually preinstalled by PC makers, saving about 4GB to 12 GB of storage space depending on the particular PC make and model, so a total of nearly 15GB of storage space will be freed on some machines.

The operating software is expected to be available later this year.

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