Art of Living members clear WSF of garbage

  • Purwa Khandelwal, PTI, Mumbai
  • |
  • Updated: Jan 20, 2004 22:37 IST
Finally, the Art of Living on Tuesday took up the charge of picking up papers, pamphlets, agenda sheets that were strewn all over the Nesco Campus where the World Social Forum is being held.

At least five people of the AoL were spotted collecting garbage. “It is a pity how the paper here is being wasted. This is WSF and it is our responsibility to see that the environment is taken care of,” said Pragati Mukhopadhyaya, a delegate from the Art of Living who was leading the group.

“You will see some 300 workers of the Art of Living collecting garbage and dumping it in a space provided by the WSF,” she added.

“That way the delegates should not have been smoking also. We are here to talk about a healthy and peaceful world and not to pollute the environment,” Pragati said.

“I think the organisations should not have been using pamphlets at all. If you check out, I am sure these wasted agenda sheets will make tonnes of garbage,” said an Ethiopian delegate.

However, despite all these efforts, by the evening, the venue ground was again full of papers.

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