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'Ashima and Leena' is a well-known label in the Indian and global fashion industry. Over the years, it has become one of the most recognized names, not only at the national level, but has also scaled heights internationally.

The brand depicts the royal Indian heritage, deep rooted in its cultural form and aesthetic, tradition and legacy. Today the 'Ashima and Leena' label projects itself at the helm of Indian fashion and has successfully completed ten years in the industry.

The 'Ashima and Leena' label has a unique, distinctive style and an original, traditional appeal. The brand's design philosophy strives to bring out the best in every woman through ensembles that are traditional yet contemporary. An established and well-reputed label, the designs speak of tremendous hard work and superb craftsmanship. With a products range that includes a large variety and assortment of fabrics, silhouettes, colours and embroideries, the styles range from smart casual to the ornately formal. Lending a stunning colour sensibility. The color play is reminiscent of the  'Ashima and Leena' label. Emphasis on quality, attention to detail, fabric development and intricate, ostentatious embroideries are the hallmark of the creativity behind the brand. A warm and friendly customer care gives the brand an edge that few others possess.

Ashima is a B.Com (H) graduate from Shri Ram College. She passed out from NIIFT (2nd batch) - winning The Best Student Award. Leena on the other hand is a graduate in English (H) with Masters in English Literature and a lawyer in Income Tax.

Set up in 1993 a success story of two sisters-in-law, a unique combination of a designer and a marketer - Ashima and Leena. With Ashima spearheading the designing and Leena the marketing pioneer behind the brand, are dedicated in their efforts to promote India and its tertiary industry. With their combined strengths, their business growth has been phenomenal and they believe in borrowing inspiration from our land, its rich heritage, art and design. A diverse approach manifests itself in their creations that spans across the royal Indian costumes of the 18th century, through to the modern cutting-edge styling of today. Hand embroideries being their forte, they specialize in bridal wear creating exquisite and delicately handcrafted masterpieces that are classic and timeless, ensembles that can be passed on to generations. Theirs is a promise to preserve the Indian tradition, the legacy of the Indian craftsman. They have a long way to go, but with then they will carry the heirloom, the weaves, the zardozi, the nakshi, the kasab…

The brand employs around 170 craftsmen, masters, cutters, hand-embroiders, tailors, quality-check and Production managers. The premise boasts of 150 machines that are involved in creating trhe designs by Ashima. The brand has an exclusive exhibit in Dubai, UK and the US. In India, Ashima-Leena have a tie-up with VAMA and KIMAYA in Mumbai where their lines have a separate exclusive exhibit. Ashima-Leena retail from their own studio in Delhi besides their store in the hottest fashion mall - 1, MG Road - in New Delhi. 
Ashima-Leena have a strong presence in the US from last many years. Over time they have built a strong clientele of around six thousand people. They now plan to open their own stores 'Ashima-Leena' in six different American cities including New York and San Francisco.

LIFW-2005 COLLECTION: Theme - Eternal Mystics

From the deepest recesses of the human mind...through the sands of time...winds blow...matter and energy interchange in ever new, ever-changing shapes...nothing is the same, yet nothing has changed...this is the inspiration for Ashima-Leena's LIFW 2005 collection...bringing to the seeker soul substance, interpreted in five collections spanning the globe, underlining the universal consciousness of the human soul.

The colours of the collection are drawn from the very depths of sensuous red, magical olives and violets, all encompassing blacks, colours of rock crystals and earth and shimmery whites. The cuts flow as well as define the body in myriad shapes...classic with modern twists, a fresh drape here, an unusual texturing there...unlikely fabrics thrown together - bits of velvet, leather, brocades...lycras, printed georgettes and satin...handcrafted silver jewellery forming part of the enembles...resulting in contemporary clothing seducing the senses with whiffs of oriental mystique.

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