Brazilian couple to produce baby clone in 2003

  • Agence France-Presse, PTI, Montevideo
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  • Updated: Jan 10, 2003 18:03 IST
Following the birth of the first alleged baby clone hundreds of couples have signed up to have a baby clone of their own, including a Brazilian couple, a Clonaid company official has said.

The Raelian movement, which believes that human beings were originally created by extraterrestrials and that cloning is a path to immortality, claimed on Friday to have created the first-ever carbon copy of a human.

The alleged birth of a baby girl clone named "Eve" has yet to be confirmed by independent experts.

"A second phase -- which will start in 2003 or 2004 -- will involve 200 candidates including a Brazilian couple," David Uzal, Raelian sect member and spokesman for Clonaid said yesterday -- the division of the sect which performs the cloning -- in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.

"We have candidates from every country, especially Argentina for subsequent phases," Uzal added.

The Raelians, who maintain cloning is the secret to eternal life by "downloading" one's consciousness from one body to the next, now hope to have 20 more births in 2003.

They said the first of those is due to be born next week in Europe to a North American couple, followed by three other babies to two Asian couples and a lesbian couple.

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