Citizens get moving

Act India

After the solidarity march at the Gateway, that screenwriter Suparn Verma initiated through his blog, Verma asked himself what next. That’s how he met Rahul Mehra and Shantanu Sharma, Delhi-based lawyers with whom he is working to form the Act

India initiative

Objective: “We’ve created a website that lists a charter of 10 demands we want to put before the ruling parties,” said Mehra. The first item on the charter demands a national policy on internal security that will be upheld “irrespective of who is in power”. The charter also asks for the creation of a “single central agency to handle all intelligence gathering”
“I’m creating a database of names, numbers and core competencies – everyone will work according to their strengths. We’ll file public interest litigations, meet people in power, question our corporators,” said Verma.

Black Badge

A Facebook group started by tax and security lawyer Somasekhar Sundaresan one week after the attacks.
Objective: What appalled the 36-year-old the most was the length of time it took the security forces to react effectively to the attacks. “Had there been an anti-terror infrastructure in Mumbai, the response would have been faster,” he said. “We have to make sure the government makes good its promises.”

To that end, Sundaresan is intent on using this movement as a platform to create a group of informed citizens that will assert its constitutional and civil rights.

And till they do, members of his group will continue to don a black band as a sign of protest.


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