Elegance marks Ashima-Leena show

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  • Updated: Jul 23, 2003 21:40 IST

This was a collection of pure elegance. The first range was ivory georgettes, with self-coloured discreet embroidery segueing into green/red on ivory.

The silhouettes were western fusion: straight kurta of varying lengths and asymmetrical hemlines over western wide flares. An eycatching design detail on the very first ensemble was a display of organza origami fans on the back of the kurta. An indication of things to come as the Oriental influence became stronger as the collection rolled out.

The finale of the Ashima Leena show was a superbly elegant line of black georgette kurta over western style pants or kurta ruched at the inside back leg. These ensembles were embellished with predominantly dull gold embroidery of impactful Chinese emblems. This collection will appeal to elegant women from Delhi to Dublin, Mumbai to Boston.

Monapali explode into Phulkari inspired colours

The Monapali collection began with a line of very exotic but understated outfits on mother of pearl colours in crushed silks draped into dhoti style skirts with printed tops.

The collection unfolded into an explosion of Punjabi phulkari inspired colour: fire oranges,  reds and yellows. As you'd expect from this design duo the work was intricate, well executed and folk based. With contemporary spin.

The fabrics in the finale range were spray painted, first machine embroidered with a phulkari style design then embroidered again, this time by hand. Then they were further embellished with appliqué, rhinestones, terracotta beads, and gota work. This may sound like overkill, but in these ladies' skillful hands it all meshed together beautifully.

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