'Eve will be in US on Monday'

  • Associated Press, PTI, New York
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  • Updated: Jan 10, 2003 18:03 IST
The company that claims to have created the world's first cloned human says the baby, nicknamed "Eve," is coming home to the United States on Monday.

The baby is flying into the country with her family, Brigitte Boisselier said on Sunday, two days after she announced the child's birth. Boisselier is chief executive of Clonaid, the cloning company affiliated with a religious sect that believes space aliens launched life on Earth.

"The baby is going home and once at home it is possible for an independent expert to go there and once a sample is taken we will see," she said, referring to DNA testing needed to prove whether the child is really a clone.

"On Monday if a sample is taken, perhaps by the end of the week or early next week we should have all the details."

Boisselier previously said the child's mother is American but has offered no further details. Yesteray, neither she nor Clonaid spokeswoman Nadine Gary would say where in the US the mother is from, where the child was born or which city they would be arriving in.

Both said details were being kept secret to protect the child and its family.

Boisselier's comments came two days after she announced at a Florida news conference that Clonaid scientists had produced the world's first cloned baby. She said "Eve," a healthy 3.15-kilogram girl, was delivered by Caesarean section Thursday and is an exact genetic copy of her mother.

Boisselier offered no scientific proof, provided no photographs and did not produce the child or the mother, who she said is a 31-year-old with an infertile husband.

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