Find out if he is really into you...

Choose one from the three options below, based on how the guy thinks, feels and behaves during different situations.

On a date he:
      A. Looks deeply into your eyes and smiles
      B. Is quite engrossed in his cellphone
      C. Checks out other girls

When you are together he:
       A. Cracks jokes 
       B. Occasionally brings erotica into conversation 
       C. Discusses politics, social issues or technology

3 How often does he compliment you:
      A. Can’t keep a count
      B. Only when you fish for it
      C. Sometimes

4 You drag him to a women’s store:
      A. He comes with you happily and helps you choose stuff 
      B. He stands in one corner fiddling with his cellphone  
      C. He resists and declines 

His self-disclosure revolves around:
     A. Office and peer group gossip   
     B. Talking about wild fantasies
     C. Sharing his vulnerable, emotional side 

Does he try to hug you: 
     A. Yes, on many occasions
     B. No, he keeps a distance
     C. Sometimes

If you go out of touch for sometime:
     A.  He checks on you
     B. Well, he makes sure it does not happen 
     C. It does not bother him

Do his close friends and family know about you:
     A. Yes
     B. No 
     C. You can’t figure it out    
When you are around he tries to fix his hair and shirt:
     A. Often, he is quite mindful 
     B. Never, it does not matter to him    
     C. Sometimes
10 Whenever you make a request which does not gel with his nature:
     A. He rejects the idea   
     B. Tries to convince you against it   
     C. Smiles and rises to the occasion  

1) A=3, B=2, C=1
2) A=2, B=3, C=1
3) A=3, B=1, C=2
4) A=3, B=2, C=1
5) A=1, B=2, C=3
6) A=3, B=1, C=2
7) A=2, B=3, C=1
8) A=3, B=1, C=2
9) A=3, B=1, C=2
10) A=1, B=2, C=3

What does your score say:
If your total score is:

* Between 10 - 15: Well, the guy does not seem to think that you are a potential inamorata. He might be just after your body and could be hanging around for that. Alternatively, he may be extremely shy and needs more time to open up. Give it some more time and if it remains the same, move on. Unless, you wish to be an agony aunt or casual buddy.

* Between 16-30: The guy is pretty mad about you. The higher the score, the better. Tease him, don’t give in easily. Men like women who are hard to get but do not make him wait too much or else he will ru

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