Identity proof mandatory for voters in MP: High Court

  • Neelesh Chaudhari, PTI, Jabalpur
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  • Updated: Nov 29, 2003 20:53 IST

In an important development, the MP High Court on Saturday upheld the EC's decision that identity proof document was mandatory to cast vote, in the absence of voter's identity card, on the eve of election in state.

But, the division bench of MP High Court comprising Justice KK Lahoti and Justice Ajit Singh has directed the EC to give wide publicity, including the use of drums in rural areas, to the fifteen documents of which at least one is mandatory to cast the vote in the absence of ID.

Besides, the HC ordered the EC to ensure that 15 documents, out of which one is needed to cast vote, in absence of ID cards, is put up at polling booths and right of voters to cast vote is protected in accordance to section 35 (1) of Election Conduct Rules.

The HC's direction came while disposing of a PIL stating that the genuine voters would not be in a position to exercise their franchise, as people, especially in rural area, may not possess any one of the 15 documents stated by the EC, in absence of voters' ID Card.

Furthermore, the Public Interest Litigation moved by the Jabalpur Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) alleged that the EC has not properly published the 15 documents, out of which one is essentially needed to cast vote.

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