Lord Navnit Dholakia

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  • Updated: Jan 06, 2004 22:14 IST

Liberal Democrat Home Affairs spokesperson in the House of Lords, Lord Navnit Singh Dholakia became the first Asian to head a political party in Britain when he was appointed President of the Liberal Democrats in early June 2002.

In the past as today, he has always espoused the cause of the minorities, usually lost in the great milieu of nations.    

His belief was that the minorities of any community are as much an integral part of a nation as the majority. Holding firm on his belief in racial equality and equal opportunity to all, he has worked his way up the ladder with sheer perseverance.

The journey to this position was not a pre-planned trek. Dholakia had primarily come to study at the Brighton Technical College. Dholakia moved to representative politics after being elected to Brighton Borough Council (1961-1964) and took his first job as Medical Laboratory Technician at Southlands Hospital. His active participation in Liberal politics continued.

But it was his deep interest in the status of the immigrant in UK which saw Dholakia becoming the Development Officer for the National Committee for Commonwealth Immigrants. In 1969, he became the Secretary of the Liberal Party's Race and Community Relations Panel. He has also been a member of the Commission on the Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain.

Dholakia is also an assistant whip and spokesman on Home Affairs. Most recently he has been working on the Criminal Justice and Court services bill and has celebrated his three years in the House.

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