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  • Updated: Jan 14, 2003 18:23 IST

Jagdeepdighe: You acted really well in Yeh Tera Ghar Yeh Mera Ghar (YTGYMG) along with Sunil Shetty. Even in Indian dresses and office clothes you looked very awesome. How do you maintain your drop dead gorgeous looks?
Mahima Chaudhary: I don't know! I think a beautiful person is confident and has a positive attitude. That reflects in her beauty as she enjoys what she does and smiles.

PjSuNnKs18: When is your next movie releasing?
Mahima Chaudhary: After two months many of my films will hit the screens. There's Dhaal  with Dino Morea, Sarhad Paar with Sanjay Dutt, Zameer  with Ajay Devgan, Hum Do Hamara Ek with Govinda, and Baagban  with Salman Khan. Then, there's JP Dutta's LoC where I am paired with Manoj Bajpai.

Sumit2003: Are you doing any more films with Shahrukh Khan?
Mahima Chaudhary: Not, as of now. He is just signing two movies in a year.

Loreto: Did you ever go back to Darjeeling to visit now that you are a big star?
Mahima Chaudhary: My father is still there. I love that place. I would like to do something for the people there. I would love to go there. It's just the question of finding time, not about being a star.

Amitgovil: When will you give us as inspiring a performance as in Pardes?
Mahima Chaudhary: Everytime I go out in the studio, I go with conviction that I will give a good performance. My desire is to give a memorable performance. The result is dependent upon individual tastes.

Rahul: What is Rahen Na Rahen Hum about?
Mahima Chaudhary: Sacrifice, love and believing in yourself!

Ctram786: Your image in your first film was that of a simple village girl. When do you intend to play a similar role again?
Mahima Chaudhary: As and when I get the offer. In fact, I am doing a similar role in Sarhad Paar. It is set in a village on the border in Punjab.

Reena: Why are you so choosy about the roles you do?
Mahima Chaudhary: I am very picky. I am even picky about the shoes I wear. I have to give a part of me, believe in it and let others believe in it.

Jeevan: You were brilliant in YTGYMG. What you would have done if someone who wasn't vacating it occupied your house?
Mahima Chaudhary: Won't have been so easy! I would have been more freaked out than the character Dayashankar in the movie! It has happened to me before.

Meetukalra80: What's your nick name?
Mahima Chaudhary: Nishu

Sonia: You were superb in Daag -The Fire! How was it to work with Raj Kanwar?
Mahima Chaudhary: It was nice. I was playing a character from Rajasthan. He had great exposure to that part, and he guided me very well. It was my second film and I was attempting a double role, but he made it very easy.

Karan: Does being a model help you get in-roads in the film industry?
Mahima Chaudhary: I guess it must have. Coz now you have so many models in the film industry. But it isn't a guarantee.

Laughingbuddha: Why did you agree on a change of name? Isn't Ritu good enough a name for a Bollywood career?
Mahima Chaudhary: I just thought it was common. I wanted to have something unique. Mahima is a special. It's related to God. I wanted to do everything in one life. The name excited me. I wanted to go over the experience of changing the name. It certainly has more words. M is very lucky for my mentor - Mr. Ghai.

Aditya7144: Is your sister coming in movies?
Mahima Chaudhary: I don't know. She has a lot of offers. I keep encouraging her too. We'll see what happens.

Ctram786: What exactly is the meaning of Mahima?
Mahima Chaudhary: It means God's greatness. It means glory.

Laughingbuddha: How serious is the threat from the underworld?
Mahima Chaudhary: I haven't experienced so I won't be able to justify that.

Neha: What's your role in Zameer?
Mahima Chaudhary: I am playing somebody who's in love and who gets hit by a calamity. This incident takes her on a different course. I am paired with Ajay. I play a dancer.

Radhika: What's your dream role?
Mahima Chaudhary: I don't know really. Motherhood maybe!

Anjali_pant: Who is your favourite hero?
Mahima Chaudhary: Pierce Brosnan

Laughingbuddha: Mahima, do you think peoples' opinion about Bollywood heroines has changed over the years? Can an actress today claim or rather command the same kind of respect that say a lady software professional can?
Mahima Chaudhary: Yeah!

Bollywoodcalling: What do you look for in a guy?
Mahima Chaudhary: Reliability, compatibility and enthusiasm for life. I would think reliability would take care of everything.

Ilyas: Mahima, your smile drives me mad…
Mahima Chaudhary: Hey, thank you!

Rahul_agg11: What is your height?
Mahima Chaudhary: I am 5'5"

Sheetal123: Hi Mahima, I like your eyes.
Mahima Chaudhary: Thanks.

Anubha_sharma: Your role in Pardes  was amazing. How challenging was it to perform?
Mahima Chaudhary: I worked very hard for the role and thank you so much for liking it.

Ctram786: In my opinion it is incorrect to blame an actor or actress for the failure of a movie. What do you say?
Mahima Chaudhary: Success and failure of a movie depends upon the market situation. An actor or an actress should work hard to perform his/her role well.

Binuirx: Your look so beauty in Adnan Swami album Tera Chehra…
Mahima Chaudhary: Thanks!

Ctram786: How do you feel when any of your films is declared a hit? Do you take a credit for that or give it to its director?
Mahima Chaudhary: The audience is the true judge of a performance. If they give a verdict nothing else matters. Good job always gets noticed.

Pranita_das: I heard you did your schooling from Darjeeling.
Mahima Chaudhary: My childhood was spent there. My father is still based in Darjeeling.

Meetukalra80: When is your birthday?
Mahima Chaudhary: September 13

Doctorswadesh: I'm a medical doctor who deals with problems. I like your work and acting skill…
Mahima Chaudhary: Thank you! It's really flattering to hear such wonderful compliments!

Mithu: How much time do you spent with you family?
Mahima Chaudhary: As much as I want to. Most of my family members stay with me.

Gunmasterg9: Do you think in Indian film personalities earn larger than life image in little time and they end up in being arrogant? Are you really snobbish?
Mahima Chaudhary: I think films are a profession like any other. Just that our profession is slightly more glamorous. At the end of the day they are normal human beings.

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